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With Over 30 Years Experience & Training

I  Connect With

*The Angelic Realm,

*Ascended Masters,

*Crystal Skull Energy, 

*Star Beings



I believe in finding out what your deepest and truest self is feeling rather than always relying on “outside forces”.

My intention as a reader is to assist you in seeing the things you need to see & hearing the messages you need to hear.

Helping you find the light within darkness or confusion you may find yourself in seems to be a special gift for me.

I am NOT a cheesy psychic that focuses on the mundane.

I work with people who are seeking answers even though they aren’t always conscious of this fact.

I love what I do.

It brings me more joy than I can possibly express.

By the time clients leave I can see the relief and enlightenment already making it’s way back into their lives.






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~ I am pleased to offer ~

 Psychic Readings

Energy “Healing” or Balancing

Life and Intuitive Coaching

Chakra scanning & Clearing / Balancing

Medium Services *(Select Cases)*

Home & Business Energy Clearing, Cleansing & Blessings

Weddings & Unions

Classes (Online- Teleclasses – In Person), Group Coaching, Workshops

Public Speaking


& More


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