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A call from Spirit & a willingness to take action brought

Mystical Truth to reality.

This inspiration began many years ago.

I have spent decades teaching classes on spiritual understanding & development, personal development, psychic development & understanding, Universal Law, paranormal realities & assisting families in understanding the psychic abilities of family members.

I have been privileged to work with people from all over the world.

Assisting people in rediscovering what they already have is a gift the Mystical Truth team shares with great joy.

As clients or students finally find their “aha” moments while we work together they often find they need us less & less.

*To us, this is confirmation that we are doing our jobs well.*

Confidence, understanding & inner strength & wisdom are what we nurture here.

Because people grow so quickly with us we do push ourselves to continue learning, growing, refining & expanding the skills we have to pass along.

We enjoy our students and clients so it is our desire to be of service for as much of your evolution as you would like to share with us.

We live & love to be of service on the spiritual path of those who harmonize with the vibration that IS Mystical Truth.

Our greatest priority is personal & spiritual growth offered with

the purest of integrity.

Taught in a manor that can be used effectively in the daily life of those we work with. We respect our clients & students enough to know that it’s not up to us to tell them what to believe.


This is a program & place of sanctuary for your inner most being.

Assisting you in allowing yourself to step into & live from within your own most beautiful light is the mission at Mystical Truth.

Because we have & continue to build a global presence we offer many online classes, meditations & phone services.

It is our deepest desire to be of service to as many people as we are able to reach.

We work very hard to break down the barriers of distance while using very simple technology to keep things easy for all to participate in.

We hope to assist you on your path of enlightenment & evolution.

We’re here to help. Call today for the service that best fits your needs.

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