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A New You for the New Year Sedona, Arizona

January 26 - January 28

    Join us in beautiful Sedona, Arizona !

A New You for the New Year

January 26 – 28, 2018

Refresh, Reinvigorate and Renew!      Sedona, Arizona

Taerie Gillan, Spring Rayne, and Dawn Marie welcome you to a full weekend of wondershops and activities. This group of integrity based talent will gather for one weekend in Sedona for this special retreat. Registered guests receive all of the wondershops below, vortex hikes and morning yoga sessions (not required), on the sacred land of the Sedona Dream Maker Bed and Breakfast.  Optional one-to-one personal service offerings from each of our Mind, Body, Spirit professionals are available to reserve.

Taerie Gillan, of Mystical Truth with over 30 years experience will be leading her World Famous Angel Meet & Greet and the Rezone Your Life wondershops.

Angel Meet and Greet

We all have a team of very advanced helpers who are with us on our journey through this life.

Often referred to as Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides, these beings are typically from far above the Astral Plane. They know what our true intention in life is and have our goals and desires in mind when working with us.

Imagine if you could meet these beings and learn to clearly communicate with them!  How different would your life be?This is a fun and active experience that has the ability to change lives.

Techniques and exercises are used to give participants a more solid understanding about what they’ve had in their own lives all along. Learning to more effectively work with this understanding very often serves to better their life on many levels.
By the end of our time together, you will have the opportunity to meet several of your Guides/Angels individually. We will also practice a technique that will allow you to communicate clearly on your own. This is a process that takes time and practice to perfect.

Knowing what your Angel’s energy feels like will help you know when you are working with the “right stuff”. This knowledge and understanding often helps to provide a new level of confidence and security in our day-to-day lives.

ReZone Your Life

ReZone Your Life is meant to establish a clearer understanding of how to maneuver and succeed in our ever-changing world. Understanding ourselves and the world around us in a new and practical manner.

In this newest “Wondershop” we work with 6 areas of life & energy that most affect us daily. How we understand, work with and maintain these areas is DIRECTLY related to how much enjoyment and success we find in life. We will explore these zones and what we experienced with them in the past.

Healing what wishes to be healed and extracting all lessons, joy, inspiration and enlightenment experienced. This process will free us to move into the future with a clear and confident energy.

Next, we establish the foundation for and creating the vortex of attraction for our truest desires for the upcoming year. Using powerful energetic techniques we will begin the process of bringing our desires to life. Practical experience and understanding means participants leave with the ability to change their lives at any time.

Mystical Truth’s “Wondershops” and classes are experiential and fun while creating a safe space for deep change to occur. “A white knuckle ride with a whole lot of smiles”.

Along with the wonderful experience offered by these teachings, these events seem to gather a wonderfully supportive & fun bunch of participants. Find people of like minds to connect with as you create a life well worth living!


Spring Rayne brings her expertise as a gluten-free/vegan/raw food author, chef, and holistic coach. Learn more here:  www.springrayne.com

New Year, New Body

Spring’s sessions will include the objective of how to cleanse your sacred temple and ways to keep it clean in order to achieve optimal health for the rest of your lifetime.

Our bodies are our sacred temple and this is the only one we get, at least in this particular lifetime. Hippocrates once said, Let Food Be Thy Medicine. Spring will explain how we can heal our bodies naturally with a full detox program, including a daily detox schedule and exercise recommendations.

What we put IN and ON our bodies is very important. Also, the way we sit and eat is super vital to our body and especially mental health. Are you rushing out the door? Are you thinking of a million things as the food goes into your body? If you are consuming meat or dairy you are also consuming the energy of how the animal was treated or slaughtered. Especially if you are an empath. Even if you are not an empath you are still being effected unknowingly. If you choose not to go all the way vegetarian, Spring provides a comprehensive list of healthy choices. This is a very interactive session with plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.


Dawn Marie, brings her expertise and calming energy to discussions as a relationship and communication coach (and so much more). Learn more here: www.heartandsoulsanctuary.com

The heART of Soulful Living

What is Soulful Living? How to effortlessly live in a space of peace, joy and love regardless of what is going on around you and what types of relationships you are in. How to love without pain and sorrow, expectation or disappointment. How to empower yourself and everyone in your life. You will learn all the tools needed for this beautiful transformation as well as how to recognize everyone at their individual soul level and honor that recognition to grow and shift your relationship with them to one of pure love and joy. Sacred Divinity will be infused within your DNA with a closing group healing that will infuse this wisdom of being and change your life instantly.

We will continue on our journey of living each day from our soul in our most intimate relationships as parents with children and as lovers with partners.  We will briefly explore how to raise our children in a soulful way. We will explore the purpose and dynamics of these divine relationships between child and parent as well as how to guide them to their highest potential and prepare them for the emerging world we live in.

Next, we will learn about karmic partners, soulmates and twin flames. We will discover what they are, ways of recognizing each of these, and how each relationship is a divine part of our existence. Finally we will end with exploring how to love in a way without condition. What it means to love unconditionally in an empowering way as to evoke freedom, joy and honoring self. Debunking all the myths and everything you’ve been taught about love and how to live in this sacred vibration everyday. We will end this session with the knowledge and sacred divinity of the tools we have learned to use infused within your DNA, clearing any blocks or negative belief systems from the beginning of your creation throughout all lifetimes and dimensions. Return home a new you to your new life of created intentions and love.

A full weekend to focus on a new YOU for the new year! Space is limited to 24 guests so please register early!

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          • 1/19/18:  $995 per person (+$100 discount for 2nd guest)

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January 28


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