Finding Freedom In The Life You’re Already Living

“Finding Freedom In The Life You’re Already Living”


We will meet up via teleconference once a week.

All calls will be recorded for participants future insight and use also

available for those participants who might not be able to attend the live call.

Learning on our own is good but learning with a group of people can

expedite & enhance our growth experience.

This group is geared towards both men & women who might feel as if life

has them trapped or that they have become stuck in some manor.

Perhaps you or someone you know feels that life could & should be more

fulfilling or joyful.

Often, we become overwhelmed & don’t know where to begin.

1st, our group will be focusing on helping the individual participants

finding a way to begin without upheaval of what they already have.

Step 2, finding ways to build upon this with little to no stress.

The ultimate goal is for the group to each be able to look at their lives

and see them with a clear vision of being on track to a future

they truly desire.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in or if you know people

looking for some help with this, please share it freely.

Group max will be 12 people in order to be sure everyone gets the time

and attention they deserve.

Group information;

Length of call 60 minutes

Frequency, 1 time per week

Duration of group, 10 weeks

Registration, $250

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