momentum dice skew

As the velocity increases throughout these shifts & changes you’ve begun to experience –

those who choose to will be able to build a wonderful momentum for their upcoming experiences.

This journey you have chosen can certainly be one of wonder & bliss if this is what you choose to experience.

As your momentum builds, your frequency will be rising.

This creates a very different experience than you’ve had in the past.
This will also begin to separate you from frequencies formerly comfortable to you.

It is your choice entirely whether you move into this higher vibration or away from it.

Some retreat back to their circle of comfort, choosing drama, emotional distress or emptiness over “what might have been”.

Love & light will carry you to new & amazing levels if you simply allow this.

Refrain from losing or throwing away the increase in energy / momentum offered by these shifts.

This is a natural occurrence and you may choose as they say,

to have lemons….or make lemonade…

Love & light be with you all today and always,