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 This Video was posted October 2011


Welcome to those who choose to be with us at this time.

We are a universal collective referred to as ‘The Council”

We move through several beings on your planet in order to assist with many, many levels of the changes you are going through at this time.
While you are not the only planet experiencing these shifts and changes, you must understand that we work with many different cultures and beings.

There are seven on your planet that we will work through. The being known as ***truth light or ***the light of truth is who we are speaking through at this time.

We offer our collective abilities, knowledge, and wisdom to assist with the rising in vibration and frequency of the beings on your planet.
We also offer our assistance with matters concerning the care and upkeep, shall we say, of your planet.

Because there are these great shifts happening there are things that you must understand.

We call upon those people who handle disasters. We call upon people who handle technology. We call upon those people who communicate with other beings that reside off your planet, and we ask you to open yourself to the higher frequencies that surround this being and the other six so that we might be of assistance in the work that you are so dedicated to.

It is to be understood that there are many levels of beings communicating with you at this time. It is our desire to assist you in relating to and identifying the highly-evolved, the highly-enlightened Beings that work with this Council, for we are here to bring you only positive and productive change.

We choose our words carefully, for we work not in a fear-based mind.
You must understand that changes Will be taking place; you are in the midst of them now, but fear serves no one. If you work in an enlightened and high vibration, there is no reason for fear.

We encourage you to reflect upon the beings that you choose to listen to, for, those who communicate from a fear-based, or from a death-and-destruction point-of-view, perhaps, are not the most helpful beings that you could communicate with.

There are many of us from many, many different galaxies.
The Being that we speak through at the moment is not scientific in nature, and so we choose words that she understands.

There Are scientists among you who may hear this that would understand more specific terms, but these are meant for the masses as well.
We come from spaces beyond any that you upon earth know of.

There are many, many of us, and you shall hear many move through this Being as the messages continue.

We communicate from Light, from Love, from Understanding.
We have assisted with many, many earth changes.

We have assisted with many shifts in civilization.

We are from times inconceivable to human beings.
This is our introduction to you.

We don’t use locations or names strictly because there are so many of us here, and because most of them, you would be unfamiliar with, anyway.

We look forward to assisting those who choose to work with us, and we encourage the rise in frequency and vibrations that many of you among the planet earth are opening yourself up to.