An Very Cool Personality Test.

Found on The Mind Unleashed

personality test mind unleashed

I found this to be a new take on personality tests.

There are only 8 questions so it goes very quickly.

Be honest & don’t read ahead or you’ll ruin the fun for yourself.¬†

Spending time with the answers & what they meant was fun.

This is the most fun when you share it with some friends.

No doubt fun & interesting discussions will ensue.

*Thank you to the creator of this test*

**Anna, LearningMind, where this first appeared.**


Spirit Science

A wonderful YouTube Channel

I often recommend this one to people new to their path,

kids, their parents & families, even seasoned teachers & experienced healers.

These videos are animated so youth enjoy them


 informative so adults have fun learning from them too.

I find them valuable in stimulating conversation on topics that wouldn’t otherwise happen in most households.

I encourage you to find ways of using this resource in your home.

Thank you to those who are responsible for these fabulous videos!

The video I share with you today is all about Chakras. Explore the channel to learn about more topics that interest you.


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